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Special Thanks

Doris Day Animal Foundation

Thanks to the Doris Day Animal Foundation for their generous $5000 grant in October 2016 toward our senior rescues.

Dr. Jane Foundation

Thanks to the Dr. Jane Foundation for their $2000 grant in April 2016 for our vet care expenses for our rescues.

Pedigree Foundation

We appreciate the Pedigree Foundation awarding us a grant of $1000 in November 2015.  The funds will help us with our general operating expenses.

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

We are greatly appreciative to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for their support for the medical needs of some of our rescue dogs.  In early 2015, they sponsored one of the many  heartworm dogs we rescue from the shelter, a weenie dog mix named Ruby.  The dog has made a full recovery and is now in her new home — thanks to ISF!
They also sponsored a hip surgery needed for Foxy later in the year.  Foxy is also doing great and now in a new home!!


We thank the ASPCA for their grant assistance over the  years:

  • Our first $5000 grant from them was in 2013 when we were early in our rescue efforts.
  • They then awarded us a $10, 000 grant in March 2014 to further support these efforts.
  • In June 2016, they also awarded us $2000 to start our adoption ambassador program.

Jolene Peabody

Jolene (left) and Braily (right) Peabody visited with us at PETCO on June 30, 2014, with pet food and item donations collected at Jolene’s 7th birthday party.  Jolene decided that she is very blessed and didn’t need to ask for more.  Her mom and dad held a party to celebrate, but Jolene had a special request for her guests.  After being told by her mom what we do for the pets of Dona Ana who have yet to find a home, and being the animal lover that she is, she decided this year that instead of gifts she would ask her friends and family to bring items that she could donate to APA.

Keen Graphics

This talented graphic artist designed our DAPA! logo, various brochures and flyers, and this website!

Wellspring Church

The Wellspring Church donated $650 to our organization as part of their quarterly giving, which they divide up among three chosen non-profits. We are honored they think highly of what we are doing to save the lives of sheltered animals in our community.

Local Wal-Mart stores

Our pet food bank program gets daily donations of pet food and other pet supplies from all our local Wal-Mart stores.  Without these food donations, our pet food bank would not be able to help as many families as we do each week.

Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary

The sanctuary shares pet food donations with us for our pet food bank.  We are very grateful to them for sharing what they can’t use with the needy families of our area.

Local veterinarians

We are very grateful to the area veterinarians and clinics who support our efforts to save as many shelter lives as possible.  Our board member and retired veterinarian, Laura Henckel, is especially generous with her time and the discounts and donations of services she provides.  When we have to use local clinics for things Dr. Henckel cannot provide, we get assistance from the Animal Hopsital of Las Cruces,  Arroyo Veterinary Clinic,  Calista Animal Hospital, and Schumacher’s Veterinary Clinic.

Beckham the Cruces Cat

Beckham was adopted from us a second time as an older kitten. Here’s what he had to say recently when he and his new mom sent us a donation:

“Hi APA. It’s Beckham’s “Foster” Birthday and we’re making donations to animal organizations on his behalf (while he grumbles). Thank you for all APA does and continues to do. I really appreciate it and hope all of Las Cruces will soon do the same. Carry on & let’s save the animals!”

Andrea Sparkevicius & Beckham the Cruces Cat

Animal Haven Lodge + Salon

Steve and Margaret Smelser, the owners of this business, are very generous in their support of our DAPA! Campaign and of our rescue efforts in general.  Each time we pull dogs from the municipal shelter, they are there to help us clean them up and get them ready for offsite adoptions.  Margaret also helps us work with and train our Second Chance Dogs who need a little extra help along the way.  We very much appreciate their support!

Las Cruces Dog Park Coalition

This group sent us a generous donation in May 2013 in support of our lifesaving efforts.  We sincererly appreciate their support.

Vicki Anderson

Vicki is a pet food bank volunteer and dog foster mom for our organization; she does plenty for us already!  But,  she also hosted a fundraiser on Sept 14th at her home, and we appreciate all her efforts to help us on so many fronts.  Thanks to her and the other vendors who were at her house helping to raise funds for our animals.

Candace Lewis

We appreciate Candace spending her time and energy and talents in taking beautiful pictures of our adoptable dogs and cats and uploading them to our database system.  It makes a world of difference for them!

Longmont Humane Society

This top-notch humane society in Colorado specializes in saving dogs across the country who would otherwise be killed in shelters. They accepted our long-term Second Chance Dog, Ashley, who had been with us more than a year and not adopted due to her poor behavior at our offsite adoptions.  The humane society uses doggy play groups to help rehabilitate their issues so they can finally find a home.

Las Cruces Labyrinth Walkers

This is the first local group that has held an organized pet food drive event on our progrogram’s behalf, and we appreciate their support and assistance.  They helped us raise more than $150 in monetary donations as well as more than 400 pounds of pet food.

Ben’s Pet Pantry in El Paso

Our pet food bank counterpart in El Paso is working with us on sharing resources and ideas, etc. We appreciate their partnership.

Becky Corran

Becky threw a birthday party on our behalf in Jan 2013 and asked for donations to the DAPA! campaign in lieu of gifts.  I doing so, she raised nearly $500 for our lifesaving programs, and we can’t thank her enough for her generosity.

Our Local PETCO Store

We are at PETCO every Sunday with our adoptable dogs and cats from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Come see us there!  The local PETCO also hosts the biggest pet food bank donation bin in the city, and their are our main suppliers for canned dog/cat food.

Tobe Turpen from Steinborn and Associates

Thanks to Tobe Turpen for his support in 2016 and 2017 … our APA alumni fosters and volunteers are awesome!

Bissell Pet Foundation

We thank the Bissell Pet Foundation for their grant to us of $4000 in January 2016.
We are proud to be a Partner for Pets!  BISSELL and have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise funds for our rescued animals.  Learn more about how you can help at our Donate page.

Thanks to Vivienne at The Agile Animal for her generous $500 donation in August 2015 in memory of her grandmother who recently passed away, Marie Beauchemin.  We will all miss Vivienne and The Agile Animal, who have recently left Las Cruces.  She helped us with many of our dogs along the way who needed her expertise and skills, and we partnered with her to save some retired research hounds in need earlier this year.

Petco Foundation

Thanks to the Petco Foundation for the following generous grants over the years:

  • $10,000 grant received in December 2016 for our rescued cats and dogs.
  • $10,000 grant received in January 2016 for our rescued cats and dogs.
  • $7500 grant in January 2015 for our rescued cats and dogs.
  • $4000 grant in November 2013 for our Save-a-Kitten project.
  • $5000 grant in march 2013 for our rescued cats and dogs.
  • $2000 grant in 2011 for our pet food bank program and another $5000 grant for vet care assistance for our pet food bank clients.

These grants help us save more lives!

Banfield Charitable Trust

Thanks to Banfield Charitiable Trust for their two $5000 grants awarded toward the APA Pet Food Bank Program, one in 2013 and one in 2014. This pilot APA service continues to help more than 100 families in need each month with an average of 10, 000 pounds of pet food and other pet supplies. We also provide cat and dog food to the Casa de Peregrinos emergency food bank so they can provide pet food to their clients.

Bissell and Lost Pet USA

We thank Bissell and their partner, Lost Pet USA,  for donating a cordless vacuum for our organization’s Mulligans Fore Mutts event in June 2014 and for making us a Partners for Pets participant!

Dog Cruces Magazine

This monthly magazine and online resource is a great help to many local animal-welfare organizations.  They help us with event promotions, flyers, ads in American Classifieds, and so much more.  We appreciate their assistance!

Your Pet Space

Your Pet Space is a very generous donor to our organization’s dogs.  They let us take our rescue dogs there, up to four at a time, to enjoy stays at their boarding facility.  This is especially wonderful for our dogs who are kenneled at our adoption center.  It gives them a break and some much-needed play time.  Thanks, Joy and Dave and staff!

OnShore Foundation

Thanks to the OnShore Foundation for their donation of $1000 toward our veterinary bills in August 2015.  We appreciate the support.

Animal Farm Foundation

Support from the Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) has assisted ACTion Programs for Animals (APA) in our mission of helping Dona Ana County reach our No Kill goal to eliminate the unnecessary killing of companion animals via progressive and friendly animal-welfare programs and services.  Part of the services we provide is to help animals stay with families during times of financial stress via our pet food bank services where we give out food, other supplies, and advice about responsible guardianship.  AFF awarded APA a $2500 grant in Nov 2015 toward use of the pet food bank program, which helps in the area of pet retention vs. families having to be broken apart and animals relinquished to the shelter during financial setbacks.
APA also received an I am an Individual grant award from the AFF in 2014.

Best Friends Animal Society

Thanks to Best Friends Animal Society and PetSmart Charities for their $5000 lifesaving grant awarded to our Dona Ana Pets Alive! program in December 2013 to help support our Home 4 the Holidays adoption promotion.  These grants make it possible for us to run adoption promotions to increase our adoptions and lifesaving capabilities.

Newman Outdoor Advertising

Local bands

Captain Jookie, CS Truckin, and Matt Morgan

These three wonderful local talents put on a Music Jam for the Animals for us at  Hurricane Alley on April 5, 2013.  Between the door cover charge donated to us and the donation jar, we received $700 in funds from their efforts and generosity.  Thanks to the for their support and for that of Hurricane Alley as well!

Local Groomers

The nice ladies at  A Dayley Grooming, which is across the street from our pet food bank, often support us with pet food donations as well as free grooming for our rescued dogs and reduced fee certificates for our pet food bank clients.  Thanks to them for all their support; they are located at 904 Pinon St  Las Cruces, (575) 652-4593.

We also thank  Central Bark for their support.  They offer two free grooms per month to pet food bank clients as well as free grooming for our rescued dogs.  They are located at 415 S. Valley, (575) 202-8597.